Humpback whale research

As Henley's time in Baja California Sur comes to an end, he has put together a video with some epic footage of his time researching cetaceans in Mexico.

Words and photographs by Henley Spiers

“The SiR grant funds were instrumental in ensuring this research took place as we were able to facilitate logistics of boats and captains and fuel in a way which their own research budget could not meet,” remembers Henley about his research into cetaceans in the Sea of Cortez off Baja California Sur in Mexico.

His story on cetaceans will be published in the next issue of Oceanographic which will come out on 1 July. “It hinges on the incredible diversity and abundance of cetaceans around Mexico’s Baja peninsula. It also follows the work of the scientists who devote their lives to researching these marine mammals – including the first ever deployment of CATS tags on humpback whales in the Gulf of California during this assignment,” explains Henley.

To bridge the wait until his print feature comes out, watch the video here:

For more Despatches, behind-the-scenes insights and images from his travels, follow our 2023 Storyteller in Residence’s journey here or over on Instagram.

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