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Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean: Episode 5 'Raiders of the deep' out now

Written by Oceanographic Staff
Photograph by Fábio Nascimento/The Outlaw Ocean Project

The high seas are a lawless frontier where crimes such as murder, slavery and environmental destruction are often met with impunity and overlooked by the media. But the ocean is also a place of discovery and reinvention, offering freedom from the constraints of society.

A new 10-part short film series produced by The Outlaw Ocean Project stems from over a decade of reporting by our columnist Ian Urbina exploring crime on the high seas. The series chronicles a gritty cast of characters including traffickers and smugglers, pirates and mercenaries, shackled slaves and vigilante conservationists.

Over the next ten weeks, we will exclusively share all episodes of ‘Dispatches from the Outlaw Ocean’ as they come out.

Episode 5 – ‘Raiders of the deep’ – came out out on Monday, 15th May. In this episode, Ian Urbina joins Greenpeace in their race against time to locate and protect a fragile coral reef near the mouth of the Amazon River before government-approved drilling begins.

The deep ocean floor is our planet’s final frontier. It is also the most hostile environment on earth. Scientists have yet to discover what lives in its profound ecosystems, but governments and corporations, driven by the green economy, are already tussling over its riches. Beyond regulation and independent oversight, a gold rush like no other has begun.

Watch Episode 5 here or on The Outlaw Ocean’s website:


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Written by Oceanographic Staff
Photograph by Fábio Nascimento/The Outlaw Ocean Project

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