New Ocean Photographer of the Year exhibition opens in Sydney

From tomorrow, 17 November, the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney will, for the first time, host a 6-month exhibition showcasing all of 2023's Ocean Photographer of the Year winners and finalists.

Written by Oceanographic Staff
Photographs by ANMM

Following the success of the open-air winners exhibition next to London’s famous Tower Bridge that was experienced by more than a million people in each of the last two years, the Ocean Photographer of the Year exhibition series will now come to Sydney for a world premiere exhibition.

From tomorrow, 17 November 2023, the Australian National Maritime Museum will exhibit over 100 photographs of beautiful and thought-provoking imagery from some of the world’s best ocean photographers that submitted their impactful images to this year’s awards.

The photographs reveal the full spectrum of ocean life through a wealth of drone, land and underwater images and include stunning imagery of wildlife encounters, seascapes, and beautiful interpretations of the human-ocean connection.

The Ocean Photographer of the Year exhibition will showcase all of 2023’s winners and finalists of the awards that, once again, attracted entrants from across the world – from amateurs and professionals alike.

Museum Director and CEO Ms Daryl Karp said: “We are so excited to be partnering with Oceanographic Magazine and their extraordinary global competition, Ocean Photographer of the Year. The vision of the team at the magazine has quickly established this photographic competition as one the best in the world.”

“As Australia’s museum of the sea, we have embraced the opportunity to display these amazing images from ocean photographers globally, creating an immersive exhibition experience, while encouraging visitors to consider their role in preserving the oceans around us,” she added.

Ocean Photographer the Year, produced by Oceanographic Magazine, in partnership with Blancpain, Arksen and Tourism Western Australia, is a celebration of the blue planet, as well as a platform to highlight the many issues it is facing.

Editorial director of Oceanographic Magazine and the Ocean Photographer of the Year, Will Harrison, commented: “We are delighted to be collaborating with the Australian National Maritime Museum to showcase this year’s beautiful and thought-provoking ocean imagery in a ground-breaking event. The exhibition marks the first time all imagery – finalists and winners alike, totalling more than 100 photographs – will be featured together in a physical gallery. It will be a spectacle; I can’t wait for the public to see it.”

The award sees ocean photographers of all disciplines and experience levels, amateurs and professionals alike, invited to submit their most impactful imagery to be judged by a panel of some of the world’s leading ocean photographers.

Ocean Photographer of the Year opens at the Australian National Maritime Museum on November 17. The images will be on display for six months until May 2024.

To see all the winners and finalists go to: www.oceanographicmagazine.com/winners-gallery

Tickets will be part of an all-access ticket to the museum. More information on ticket prices and more can be found here.


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Written by Oceanographic Staff
Photographs by ANMM

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