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Oceans 2019 event kicks off in Bristol this weekend

written by Oceanographic Staff

A new festival celebrating the oceans will take place in Bristol on September 14.

Oceans 2019 is a new a non-profit day festival that will bring together global conservation organisations, educators, families, artists, divers, surfers, scientists and the public to celebrate the blue spaces of our planet and discuss how we can go about protecting them.

There are numerous highlights to this wildlife star-studded event. A talk given by wildlife presenter Lizzie Daly about Wild Ocean Week and her famous encounter with a giant jellyfish. Daly will speak about the importance of caring for the environment and of celebrating the incredible wildlife we have here in the UK. Continuing in that vein, Shane Wasik of Basking Shark Scotland will speak about the impact of microplastics on filter feeders and shark watching in the UK.


Rachel Knott, South West coordinator of The Wave Project will share the power of surfing and how water therapy could change the face of mental health, while Andy Reid of Fins Attached and SharkWater Extinction, will explore the importance of sharks to the structure of the ecosystem and how humans have decimated populations globally. Additionally, guests can immerse themselves the UK premier of Kokoly, a film that shares the personal stories of communities on the front line of fisheries collapse in Madagascar, and find out all about the recent extraordinary uncovering of the endangered shark trade in the UK.

Run entirely by volunteers, founders took inspiration from the actions that young people have been taking against climate action. As a result, there will be a huge number of activities for children and the festival is free for the under 16s.

Oceans 2019 festival Bristol Harbour

“I’ve always been transfixed by the ocean – her magic, her intrigue, her power. I created Oceans 2019 Festival to use storytelling, art, film and science to connect people with our ocean. From the food we eat, to the clothes we buy, to the stories we weave into society, all impact the ocean and its wildlife in one way or another,” said Jasmine TribeFounder and Coordinator of the Oceans 2019 Festival and Campaign Coordinator for City to Sea. “With the ever increasing threat of climate breakdown I hope that Oceans Festival inspires and motivates people to invest energy in understanding and protecting our one and only blue planet.”

A huge array of organisations have come together to contribute to the festival, including the Marine Conservation Society, the WWF, Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion, Surfers Against Sewage, the Manta Trust, City to Sea, Basking Shark Scotland, and many more.

Click here for tickets and to find out more about Oceans 2019.

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