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Project AWARE column: Issue 08

How do we make marine conservation a reality?

In Issue 08 of Oceanographic, we delve into the necessity of collaboration when it comes to achieving action in ocean conservation. Just this week, we’ve seen how a global community of passionate ocean advocates sharing and consistently communicating its message can result in positive impact. In light of this, we’d like to share with you the Project AWARE column that features in every issue of Oceanographic.

Written prior to the CITES decision to grant 18 threatened sharks and rays the Appendix II listing they so desperately needed, Project AWARE’s Associate Director of Policy and Campaigns, Ian Campbell, shares his thoughts on the power of collaboration, grassroots actions and community-led advocacy, answering the question: How do we make marine conservation a reality?

Project AWARE is an ocean conservation charity that works tirelessly to engage the diving community to create positive change for our marine environments. With AWARE week just around the corner (September 14-22), it’s an initiative that all ocean lovers can get involved with. This is the second annual event and throughout the week, we will see conservation activities focused on keeping the ocean clean and healthy popping up all over the world.

“We can all be part of the solution. Lead the way for your student divers or friends and family to become ocean activists. Provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to protect our ocean planet on every dive or at home,” said Danna Moore, Project AWARE Global Operations Director. “Our collective actions add up to big results and take us one step closer to a clean ocean.”

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