Edition 2023

Coffee table book

More than 100 images from the Ocean Photographer of the Year 2023 feature in this beautiful, limited-edition hardback book. A special collection of extraordinary photography. Natural wonder distilled into one place. The ocean´s story in your hands.

Edition 2023 follows on from the beautiful 2022 and 2021 versions, this time with the addition of a slender slip sleeve. Consistency across sizing, styling and materials will allow these beautiful books to sit seamlessly side-by-side on any bookshelf, creating a combined 'volume' of their own. Edition 2023 is simply the next in a new line of beautiful, limited-edition ocean photography books. Enjoy a flick-through below....


“Bringing the ocean’s silent struggle to life” – The Guardian

the Book

Edition 2023 is a stunning and limited-edition hardback coffee table book, presented in a beautiful slip sleeve. The book contains every one of the winning and finalist entries from the 2023 awards and includes fascinating details about how and where each shot was captured. Fabric-covered and exquisitely embossed, it is a book that will last a lifetime – as will the impressions made by the photographs contained within. 

the DIMENSIONS / more info

34.2cm x 25.5cm x 2.8cm 2.2kg / 142 pages / Embossed and foiled material cover / ‘K-bound’, meaning all pages lie flat (no gutter).

the purpose

Photography plays a critical role in the fight for a healthier ocean – both as a source of inspiration and as a tool to inform. The Ocean Photographer of the Year, and this book, are an extension of Oceanographic Magazine’s values: harnessing image-driven storytelling to connect with people – both ocean goers and non-ocean-goers – around the world. These images will evoke a sense of fascination and love; the kind of emotion that brings joy and stimulates us to immerse ourselves again and again in the underwater universe. With this feeling comes a recognition of the importance the ocean plays in our lives, and a concern for its protection. 


To see what images appear in this beautiful book, check out the Ocean Photographer of the Year 2023 digital gallery here.

Find out more about the Ocean Photographer of the Year here.

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Oceanographic Magazine uses beautiful photography and captivating storytelling to transport both the wonder and plight of the ocean into people’s homes. It is a magazine that aims to bring our blue planet to life, to connect and inspire.
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