Misson Deep

Issue 27

In this issue: Dive deep into the depths of the Maldives on a scientific expedition using submarines to explore the unexplored / Learn about 'super corals' / Be buoyed by the work being done by local divers to protect the waters around Los Arcos / Understand the complexities around pods of dolphins sharing habitat / Celebrate the Congo creating its first three MPAs and what this landmark moment could mean for local fishers and countries beyond

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Rapt by the deep

Learning more about the elusive deep sea could help to conserve it. Underwater photographer Henley Spiers joins the Nekton Maldives Mission to help uncover the secrets of the deep.


Despite sea temperatures rising faster in the Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba than the global average, its coral reefs exhibit remarkable resistance to global warming. Researchers are trying to find out why these ‘super corals’ exist.


In 2013, 52 of a 100-strong pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins left their home in the shallow waters of Little Bahama Bank off Grand Bahama Island and relocated to Bimini. Scientists are trying to establish why and whether this will happen again.


While Los Arcos on Mexico’s Pacific coast is one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations, the protection of this fascinating terrain has long been an afterthought. Local divers urge for long-term conservation efforts.


The Republic of the Congo recently announced the creation of the country’s first ever MPAs. Together, the three new MPAs will protect 4,799km2 of ocean. A shining example for other countries?



In a special edition of Behind the Lens, we take a look at a selection of some of the stunning finalist images from this year’s Ocean Photographer of the Year awards, as chosen by our editor.


  • Marine biologist, photographer and writer, Dr Lou Luddington, writes about the significance of whale songs in Guadeloupe near the Cousteau Marine Reserve.

  • Ocean advocate and founder of the charity Seaful, Cal Major, shares a personal anecdote about why she needs to make time for the sea.

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