SiR application T&C's


The Storyteller in Residence (SiR) role is a contracted agreement between Oceanographic Magazine and one photographer / videographer for a period of up to 12 months that covers a commitment to an agreed number of expeditions and associated stories/posts created using a fund of £45,000. It is not a full-time roll as a member of staff. Below is a set of guidelines for candidates to consider prior to their submission, as well as a summary of the key terms and conditions that applicants must agree to prior to submitting their application. A full contract will be provided to the successful candidate for signing prior to acceptance of the role.



The Candidate

The successful candidate must be passionate about the ocean and conservation. They should be a talented storyteller and photographer. Videography skills are welcomed. 

The successful candidate will be telling ocean conservation stories for publication across Oceanographic Magazine’s various platforms, including printed magazines, the website and social media channels. There will also be a bespoke area within the SiR section on Oceanographic where all SiR content will be collated. The successful candidate should have a good understanding of the Oceanographic brand, the types of stories it tells and its values.

When on assignments, creating and capturing content for Oceanographic, the successful candidate should be ready to represent the brand.

Submissions are welcomed from both established professionals and up-and-coming creatives. 

Entry window

Candidates are able to apply for the 2024 SiR position from March 4th to April 14th, 2024. 

Story selection and budgeting

The SiR position is best suited to those with multiple stories to tell, ideally in a variety of locations. The SiR position is not suited for those wishing to tell a single story across the 12-month period. Candidates should think carefully about budget allocation across their chosen stories. Plan to tell as many stories as you can across your 12-month period (we recommend at least four), but be realistic. Budget scrutiny will form a part of the interview process for shortlisted candidates. 

Judging process

The SiR panel is made up of members of the Oceanographic, Arksen and 10% for the Ocean teams. Following the deadline for applications, a shortlist of candidates will be created for deeper discussion by the panel. These discussions will take place in person, in London, UK. The final few candidates will be invited to meet the panel and discuss their plans in more detail, either in person or on a video call. Candidates should ensure they have good availability for this in the second half of April 2024.

Time as a member of the Oceanographic team

As Oceanographic’s Storyteller in Residence you will be, for a 12-month period, a member of the Oceanographic team. Depending on the candidate and their other commitments, a framework for communication will be set up that best suits both parties. Because this is a storytelling fund, rather than a salaried position, the candidate can still have other commercial interests and responsibilities outside of the time they spend fulfilling their SiR commitments. The successful candidate recognises that they will be representing Oceanographic Magazine when on assignments. 



Media rights

  • Copyright for all content captured throughout the agreed SiR contracted term is retained by the successful SiR candidate.
  • All images and video created during the contracted term must only be used on Oceanographic’s, Arksen’s and the photographer’s personal channels during the contracted term.
  • Oceanographic Magazine retains the rights to use all SiR content in perpetuity for purposes related to the Storyteller in Residence and ocean storytelling more broadly, provided appropriate credit is provided to the photographer.
  • Arksen retains the right, throughout the contacted period and for 1 full year after the conclusion of the contracted term, to use all photography and video captured during the contracted term as it sees fit, for editorial or commercial purposes, provided these purposes relate to the Arksen brand.
  • Should the opportunity arise for Arksen products to be featured/photographed during a particular expedition (including, but not limited to boats and apparel), the SiR may be asked to capture said imagery on behalf of Arksen as part of their SiR responsibilities. This will strictly only happen if expedition scheduling allows. 
  • Following the conclusion of the contracted term, the photographer is free to sell all and any content captured during the SiR period to parties outside of Oceanographic Magazine and Arksen.

The Fund

  • The £45,000 Fund represents the maximum budget available to the SiR during the contracted term.
  • The allocation of funds from the Fund lies solely at the discretion of Oceanographic Magazine and Arksen.
  • The Fund does not represent a salary for the successful candidate. It will not be provided monthly or at any other regular interval. Rather, Fund payments relate directly to the pitched expeditions and assignments the candidate put forward in their application.
  • The Fund is available only for purposes related to the SiR position.
  • Access to the Fund’s bank account lies strictly with Oceanographic Magazine.
  • Payment of all administrative elements related to the SiR role will be paid for by Oceanographic Magazine from the Fund. These include, but are not limited to, airplane tickets, hotel rooms, boat hire, equipment hire.
  • A live budget will be shared between all parties.
  • Where required, the candidate should provide receipts for all Fund spend.
  • Oceanographic Magazine and Arksen reserve the right to allocate elements of the Fund on expeditions or assignments that might come up during the contracted term, even if not initially planned in. This could involve a reallocation of funds away from expeditions previously planned in.


Oceanographic Magazine reserves the right to cancel the SiR term at any stage and without reason. 


If you have any further questions related to the Storyteller in Residence position, please email