Coral gardeners

Issue 12

Restore coral reefs with the Coral Gardeners in Mo'orea / Join five volunteers as they analyse snow samples on Earth’s most unforgiving continent / Meet the mysterious seadragon / Find out how to protect sawfishes that are threatened with extinction / Learn more about Project Hiu, a project that seeks to convert shark fishermen into shark conservationists / Discover nature’s secrets and go wild camping in Florida


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CoraL GardenerS

What does it take to protect a coral reef? Patience, dedication, determination and know-how. These are the tools that an NGO  in Mo’orea uses to defend its reefs and capture the attention of the global ocean community.


To what extent can citizen science contribute to remote microplastics research? To find out, Airbnb Sabbatical sent five volunteers to collect and anaylse snow samples on Earth’s most unforgiving continent.


Of all the extraordinary creatures that reside in the ocean, seadragons have to be some of the most mythical. But, like so many marine animals, they’re at risk from heating waters and habitat loss. But what can we do to protect them?


Only five living species of sawfishes remain, and all five are threatened with extinction. Researchers at the NOAA Southeast Fisheries Sciencer Center are working tirelessly to figure out how to save them from that fate.


Millions of sharks are hauled out of the ocean each year for their fins and their absence from the global seas is already having a negative impact. Project Hiu, founded by Madison Stewart, seeks to convert those same shark fishermen into shark conservationists.


To many, adventure means discovering nature’s secrets at 100 miles an hour with a decent hit of adrenaline. But sometimes, the most fulfilling adventures require us to slow down. On Anclote Keys Island of Pasco County, this is certainly the case.


behind the lens (in association with sealegacy)

Each issue, we chat with one of the world’s leading ocean photographers and showcase a selection of their work. In this edition, we meet with expedition leader and SeaLegacy Collective member, Andy Mann.


  • Big wave surf champion, environmentalist and social change advocate Dr Easkey Britton discusses the impact creating inclusive surfwear can have on women around the world.

  • Freediver and founder of I AM WATER, Hanli Prinsloo, shares her thoughts on how years of freediving have prepared her for the experience of discomfort when life is turned upside down.

  • Dr Simon Pierce, Principal Scientist at the Marine Megafauna Foundation, discusses devastating impact ocean plastics are having on the global seabird population.

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