Endangered encounters

Our Storyteller in Residence, wildlife photographer, writer, and expedition leader Henley Spiers, is currently in Shetland to research his story on marine protection measures around Scotland.

Words and photographs by Henley Spiers

After diving with guillemots in St Abbs and Eyemouth, Henley travelled to Shetland to research a wider SiR story on marine protection around Scotland. Here, he explores the area’s underwater landscapes, and has some “really endangered, unexpected encounters which made my day, made my month, maybe even made my year”, he recalls.

In his latest Despatches video, he covers the importance of the oceanic crust and explains how this seemingly modest environment can host a plethora of life. He further talks about two exceptional encounters with a basking shark and the critically endangered flapper skate.

Watch his latest video diary from Shetland here:

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