Sea lion rescue

Our Storyteller in Residence, wildlife photographer, writer, and expedition leader Henley Spiers, is currently in Mexico's Baja California to research his second SiR story on the charismatic California sea lions. Here, he joins a sea lion rescue mission off La Paz.

Words and photographs by Henley Spiers

The two greatest threats faced by California sea lions are climate change and entanglement in fishing nets. On his travels across Baja California, Henley joined the Rescate de Lobos team (aka Sea Lion Rescue Mexico) to witness their work first-hand. “It was a day of ups and downs, representative of the struggles these passionate sea lion conservationists often encounter when attempting to assist entangled animals,” he remembers. 

See first-hand what Henley experienced when visiting a sea lion colony with the Rescate de Lobos team off La Paz here in his video diary:


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